J. C. Gupta & Sons

J. C. Gupta & Sons

J. C. Gupta & Sons

Sadar Patrappa Road, Bengaluru, Karnataka

Industrial Fasteners and Hardware

We have recently been appointed dealers for the latest range of Diager Hammer & Masonry Drill Bits from France. We are the India supplier for superior quality Helicoil Thread Inserts by Baercoil from Germany and ETA approved Expanded Anchors & Fixings from Denmark.

Expandet Anchors and Fixings ETA approved

Anti Theft Tamper Proof Security Screws and Nuts

RIVETS and Riveting Tools

BAERCOIL Thread Repair and Thread Reinforcement

CANCO Anchor Bolts Expansion Fasteners

U-BoltsGet Quotation


Nylon Plug AnchorsGet Quotation

Nylon Plug Anchors

Metal Bolts and Studs

Lag Bolts ScrewsGet Quotation

Lag Bolts Screws

Hex Bolts  DIN 931Get Quotation

Hex Bolts DIN 931

T-Slot Bolts DIN 787Get Quotation

T-Slot Bolts DIN 787

Spacers and Inserts - Standoffs

Nylon Hex SpacerGet Quotation

Nylon Hex Spacer



Machine Screws - Phillips, Pozi, Torx Slotted

Metal Nuts

Flange NutsGet Quotation

Flange Nuts

Nylock NutsGet Quotation

Nylock Nuts

Wood T-NutsGet Quotation

Wood T-Nuts

Clinch NutsGet Quotation

Clinch Nuts

Locking Elements

Self Tapping And Drilling and Wood Screws

Socket Head Products

Tools and Bits

Industrial Washers

Miscellaneous Items

Brass Hex SpacersGet Quotation

Brass Hex Spacers

Brass InsertsGet Quotation

Brass Inserts

Threaded RodsGet Quotation

Threaded Rods

Glass Fixing StudsGet Quotation

Glass Fixing Studs

Furniture Fasteners

Wood Insert D-NutGet Quotation

Wood Insert D-Nut

Stainless Steel Fasteners

Clinch Nuts, Studs and Standoffs

Baer Threading Tools

Technical Information and Downloads

SS-316 A4 Marine Grade Fasteners

Aerospace Products SS 304 & SS 316

Aerospace ScrewsGet Quotation

Aerospace Screws

TITANIUM Fasteners

Blind Rivet Nuts

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